Barns röst?

Circulation of Knowledge and “Children’s Voice” in Text Form – Cirkulation av kunskap och “barns röst” i textform

Informanters autentiska röst har länge problematiserats, så även barns, bl. a. av barndomsforskaren Spyros Spyrou.1 För att förstå denna problematisering räcker det att föreställa sig hur “barns röster” cirkulerar och modifieras genom otaliga kanaler.

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Dissertation review

…this research advances the field considerably in terms of our understanding of issues of responding to diversity, children’s participation and to understanding how knowledge cultures determine outcomes.”

“A well-rehearsed section of the thesis takes the reader through the notion of episteme, simply stated as what is understood as knowledge at any one time. For many this is a given but for the critical scholars the questions: who’s knowledge? How? What knowledges are subjugated? Why? become epistemological concerns.”

Williams 2020


I was very pleased to read Professor Charlotte Williams’ review of my dissertation. Williams is a leading scholar in social work and she is internationally recognised for her research on ethnic diversity, multiculturalism, racism, and social justice issues in the context of welfare regimes and practices.

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Turning a Dissertation into Art

Featured image: Dissertation cover image – PhD dissertation “Child (Bio)Welfare and Beyond: Intersecting Injustices in Childhoods and Swedish Child Welfare”.

Some people have asked about the dissertation cover image.

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