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I am a critical childhood studies scholar with a background in the social sciences and humanities. As a researcher, I often cross disciplinary boundaries and draw on knowledges from different fields: critical childhood studies, postcolonial studies, feminist theory but also anthropology. My research deals with young people and social justice issues in childhoods. Other research interests relate to knowledge, ethics, health themes as well as interlinking research and art, theories and practices. As a university teacher, I teach in social work in different courses and address a wide range of topics such as international perspectives on social policy, ethnography, child welfare social work, theories on violence, and discourse analysis.

I created this website in 2019 with the aim to keep my passion for research alive and to carve out a space in this world for my work, reflections, and creative expressions. This was a phase when I was about to complete my doctoral dissertation. I am currently employed as an associate senior lecturer/assistant professor in social work at Dalarna University.

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