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I am an a researcher based in Malmö, Sweden with a background in the social sciences and humanities. My research interests are not related to any particular discipline and crossing disciplinary boundaries and drawing on knowledges from different fields and disciplines is what inspires me the most. My research is often at the intersection of postcolonial feminist theory and critical childhood studies. Other research interests relate to health and medicine and in exploring the link between research and art. The connecting thread of all my work is the search for alternative and more equal world(view)s.

My academic studies began with a bachelor’s programme in gender studies, followed by a two-year master in gender studies in social sciences and humanities, both obtained from Lund University, Sweden. In 2020, I defended my PhD dissertation “Child (Bio)Welfare and Beyond: Intersecting Injustices in Childhoods and Swedish Child Welfare“, at Mälardalen University, Sweden.   

I created this website in 2019 when I became an independent researcher and with the aim to keep my passion for research alive, carve out a space in this world for my work, reflections and ideas. I am writing and doing research on different topics. When I have time, I work creative expressions and explore links between research and art.

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