PhD, MSc., BSc.

Current employment: Assistant Professor in social work, Dalarna University (see more here)

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Texts & Writing


Knezevic, Z. (2022) “The Biopolitics of Childhood“. In: Stephen A. Webb (ed.) The Routledge Handbook of International Critical Social Work (pp. 192-204). Routledge.

Knezevic, Z., Nikupeteri, A., Laitinen, M. and Kallinen, K. (2022) “Gender- and power sensitivity, securitisation and social peace: rethinking protection for children exposed to post-separation violence“, Journal of Gender-Based Violence, 6(1): 99-114

Knezevic, Z., Eriksson, M., och Heikkilä, M. (2021) “De/gendering violence and racialising blame in Swedish child welfare: what has childhood got to do with it?“, Journal of Gender-Based Violence, 5(2): 199-214.

Knezevic, Z. (2021) “Speaking bodies – Silenced Voices: Child Protection and the knowledge culture of ‘evidencing’“. Global Studies of Childhood, 11(3): 252-264.

Knezevic, Z. (2020) “Social change in developmental times? On ‘changeability’ and the uneven timings of child welfare interventions“. Time & Society, 29(4): 1040-1060.

Knezevic, Z.(2020) Child (Bio)Welfare and Beyond: Intersecting Injustices in Childhoods and Swedish Child Welfare. PhD dissertation. School of Health, Care and Social Welfare, Mälardalen University.

Knezevic, Z.(2020) “A Cry for Care But not Justice: Embodied Vulnerabilities and the Moral Economy of Child Welfare“. Affilia, 35(2), 231–245.

Knezevic, Z. (2017) “Amoral, im/moral and dis/loyal: Children’s moral status in child welfare”. Childhood, 24(4), 470–484.

Other Publications (academic and popular science)

Knezevic, Z. (2017) “SaraAhmed, feministiskt snap och överlevnad”. MANA – Ljud, 2017(1).

Knezevic, Z. (2017)Antirasismens soundtrack“. MANA – Ljud, 2017(1)  

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Knezevic, Z.(2008) No Man’s Land? En fallstudie av Zene Zenama – en gränsöverskridande kvinnoorganisation. Bachelor’s thesis. Department of Gender Studies, Lund University.


Knezevic, Z. (2019)“Surviving as a Critical Scholar in the Academia: Challenges & Affirmative Approaches” g19 Rethinking Knowledge Regimes – Solidarities and Contestations, Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research Gothenburg, Sweden, 7-9 October.

Knezevic, Z. (2018)“Speaking Bodies – Silenced Voices: Children’s Embodied Vulnerabilities and the Moral Economies of Child Welfare”. TISSA, The International Social Work & Society Academy, Social Work and Solidarity: In Search of New Paradigms. Ljubljana, Slovenia, August 19-22.

Knezevic, Z.(2016) “Barns Behov i Centrum: Ett Ramverk med Barns Kunskap i Fokus?” Doktorandernas dag, Mälardalens högskola. Västerås, Sweden, March 10.

Knezevic, Z. (2016)“Bridging the Gap between Feminist Philosophy and Childhood Studies: Conceptualisations of Knowledge and Children’s Epistemic Status”, Feminist Philosophy: Time & History, Nordic Summer University. Umeå University, Sweden, 15-17 March 2016

Knezevic, Z. (2016)“Re/considering the Comparative – Child protection and Epistemic Cultures: The Case of Swedish BBIC”. European Conference for Social Work Research, Catholic University of Portugal. Lisbon, Portugal, 30/3-1/4.

Knezevic, Z. (2015)“Children Exposed to Violence in a Cross-Cultural ‘Translation’ between Child Welfare Assessment Models – From British ICS to Swedish BBIC”. European Conference on Domestic Violence, Queen’s University, Belfast, Ireland, 6th-9th September.

Reviewing & Editing

2022- editor of an upcoming anthology on theory and practice (Swedish)

2022-writer of a theoretical course book (Swedish)

2021-2018 Reviewer for Academic Journals (childhoods studies/gender studies and social work)

2016-2020 Member of the editorial board of the magazine MANA (editor, freelance writer, photography, translation, etc.)


2020-2021 Social Anthropology, advanced, Stockholm University

2014-2020 PhD Programme, Social Work, School of Health, Care and Social Welfare, Mälardalen University

2009–2012 MSc. Gender Studies master in social sciences and the humanities. Department of Gender Studies, Lund University (Sweden) and Utrecht University (the Netherlands).

2005-2008 BSc. Programme in Gender Studies, Department of Gender Studies, Lund University


2009/2020 Freestanding arts and cultural sciences courses (Folkhögskolan i Angered; and Lund University)

2014Antidiskriminerande rekryteringsmetoder (Anti-discriminatory recruitment methods)

Qualitative Methods (education and experience)
  • Ethnographic methods and interviews
  • Policy analysis
  • Discourse and text analysis
  • Case studies
Examples of the work I do:
  • Trans- and interdisciplinary research
  • Teaching and presentations (in English and Swedish)
  • Course coordination
  • Writing scientific articles, chapters, reports, essays, in Swedish and English
  • Start-ups (projects, groups, activities, seminar series
  • Needs mapping and evaluations
  • Digital and traditional ethnography
  • Research areas: – Children and childhoods – Critical childhood studies – Postcolonial studies – Feminist theory – Anthropology – Child welfare social work – Philosophy of science/theories of knowledge