Barns röst?

Circulation of Knowledge and “Children’s Voice” in Text Form – Cirkulation av kunskap och “barns röst” i textform

Informanters autentiska röst har länge problematiserats, så även barns, bl. a. av barndomsforskaren Spyros Spyrou.1 För att förstå denna problematisering räcker det att föreställa sig hur “barns röster” cirkulerar och modifieras genom otaliga kanaler.

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Academia-Art project, artworks and photo by Zlatana Knezevic
Academia-Art is a subproject of Research-Art. Depicted on this picture are two Academia-Artworks: “Ideals” and “The Chair of the Absent Knower”

I not only use creative expressions that help me in my writing or to communicate the message of my texts. I have also experimented with a small project that I call Academia-Art (2019-2020) which is visible below. It raises questions about the reuse of knowledge and has also helped me to express challenging experiences in academia. Below, I describe this in Swedish, the language of my academic contexts.

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Turning a Dissertation into Art

Featured image: Dissertation cover image – PhD dissertation “Child (Bio)Welfare and Beyond: Intersecting Injustices in Childhoods and Swedish Child Welfare”.

Some people have asked about the dissertation cover image.

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