Speaking bodies – silenced voices

My article “Speaking Bodies – Silenced Voices: Child Protection and the Knowledge Culture of ‘Evidencing’” is now freely accessible for downloading.

This study is a “write-back” because it was partially inspired by a comment at a seminar, where I presented a work in progress (now another published article).1

My presentation addressed child welfare as a moral economy of care and how such a moral economy downplays social justice issues and “embodied vulnerabilities” like racism, sexual and gender-based violence in childhoods and other violations of children’s bodily integrity. One of the participants at the seminar commented on my findings by pointing out that the issues I addressed relate to the difficult task of providing evidence in child welfare. The study “Speaking Bodies – Silenced Voices” was written as a response to this comment. Read more about it here.

Source: Speaking bodies – silenced voices: Child protection and the knowledge culture of ‘evidencing’. Global Studies of Childhood – Zlatana Knezevic, 2020

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1 Knezevic, Z (2020b) A Cry for Care But not Justice: Embodied Vulnerabilities and the Moral Economy of Child Welfare. Affilia, 35(2): 231-245.