Why anthropology?

I was asked the question shortly before finishing my doctoral thesis. “But why anthropology?” It is rather uncommon to refer to so many anthropologists in a thesis in my field, a thesis that is not based on ethnography. In social work it makes more sense to refer to sociologists, psychologists, even political scientists. So “why anthropology?”

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Social change in developmental times? On ‘changeability’ and the uneven timings of child welfare interventions 

My first independent scholarly work is published!

…And it is published in Time & Society, one of my favourite peer-reviewed journals! What is the article about, then? Continue reading “Social change in developmental times? On ‘changeability’ and the uneven timings of child welfare interventions “

Independent: How? When? Why? What?

Before I got my doctor’s degree (PhD), different circumstances forced me to choose sooner rather than later, a more independent path. This new path was a very helpful reminder of why I first wanted to be a researcher.

How it all started

I am not quite sure when I got the idea first. I do remember though thinking about what makes you choose the path of independence on the day I met Sara Ahmed.

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Turning a Dissertation into Art

Featured image: Cover image – PhD dissertation “Child (Bio)Welfare and Beyond: Intersecting Injustices in Childhoods and Swedish Child Welfare”. Artwork by Zlatana Knezevic ©Zlatana Knezevic 2020 https://zlatanaknezevic.page/

Some people have asked me about the cover image of my dissertation. Below, you will find slides, which provide some background to the multi-layered image. The cover was my art project in a course called “Konsten i Samhället”, at Folkhögskolan i Angered.  

Another common question is how I would summarise the dissertation in a few sentences. I have started this blog and the instagram account @zlatanaknezevic.page to share my past and ongoing research and make it more intelligible for others. Apart from summarising and simplifying, I am also trying to find alternative expressions. Sometimes, I try to illustrate it! See more by scrolling the slides below!

© Zlatana Knezevic 2020 https://zlatanaknezevic.page/