Dissertation review, by Charlotte Williams

…this research advances the field considerably in terms of our
understanding of issues of responding to diversity, children’s participation and to understanding how knowledge cultures determine outcomes.” (Williams, 2020: 3)

I was very pleased to see Professor Charlotte Williams’ review of my dissertation in Nordic Social Work Research. Williams is a leading scholar in the field and internationally recognised for her research on ethnic diversity, multiculturalism, racism and social justice issues in the context of welfare regimes and practices. Continue reading “Dissertation review, by Charlotte Williams”

Why anthropology?

I was asked the question shortly before finishing my doctoral thesis. “But why anthropology?” It is rather uncommon to refer to so many anthropologists in a thesis in my field, a thesis that is not based on ethnography. In social work it makes more sense to refer to sociologists, psychologists, even political scientists. So “why anthropology?”

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Independent: How? When? Why? What?

Before I got my doctor’s degree (PhD), different circumstances forced me to choose sooner rather than later, a more independent path. This new path was a very helpful reminder of why I first wanted to be a researcher.

How it all started

I am not quite sure when I got the idea first. I do remember though thinking about what makes you choose the path of independence on the day I met Sara Ahmed.

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