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You are reading a “research page” – a platform that has been created to inspire, disseminate knowledge from others and share the knowledge that I produce myself, a site for academic and non-academic reflection, a site for critical reflection on the academic environment.

My name is Zlatana Knezevic and I am an interdisciplinary scholar who is currently writing independently. My main area of research interest is childhoods/children. Having studied a wide range of issues – from feminist NGOs, migration, equality, diversity and social justice issues, to childhoods, child welfare and knowledge issues – my research interests are not related to any particular discipline, yet are linked to ethnography and qualitative research. I like to put ideas into practice and use practice to generate ideas. The connecting thread of my work is the search for alternative and more equal world(views) and that is precisely why I find childhood studies so fascinating!

My academic studies began with a bachelor’s programme in gender studies, followed by a two-year master’s degree in social sciences, both obtained from Lund University, Sweden. On May 29 2020, I defended my PhD dissertation “Child (Bio)Welfare and Beyond: Intersecting Injustices in Childhoods and Swedish Child Welfare“, at Mälardalen University, Sweden.

My research is at the intersection of postcolonial feminist theory and critical childhood studies. “Critical childhood studies” in my work denotes anthropological, philosophical and postcolonial feminist perspectives on what it means to be a child in various parts of the world, meanings associated with childhoods, as well as meanings that remain limited or impossible.   

Before I got my doctor’s degree (PhD), different circumstances forced me to choose sooner rather than later, a more independent path. This new path was a very helpful reminder of why I first wanted to be a researcher. I also wanted to find ways to put my creativity, curiosity, and interests to better use. I wanted to learn more, anew, and I yearned for career opportunities. I created this website to keep my passion for research alive and to carve out a space in this world for my work, reflections and ideas.   

In addition to writing and doing research, I also work as my second passion on an arts and design project, including photography. I live in Malmö in Sweden, but I do take work in other parts of Sweden and around the world.

What I do (see Portfolio)

I do qualitative interdisciplinary research and have assisted several research projects in the past.

Some examples of the work I do:

  • Writing scientific articles, reports, and essays, in Swedish and English
  • Needs mapping
  • Start-ups (projects, activities, groups, seminars)
  • Ethnographic interviewing and fieldwork
  • Research assistance
  • Teaching and presentations, in Swedish and English
  • I work in the intersection of different fields and disciplines related to *social sciences and humanities * gender studies * critical childhood studies * postcolonial studies * anthropology of childhood *philosophy of childhood * social work

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The Blog Posts

Under then tab Blog, you will find posts about my work, what it means to be an independent scholar, and reflections related to the academia in general.

Current & Future Research Projects and Activities

My PhD helped me to realise that ethnography and fieldwork is what makes research the most interesting, and since I also find anthropological theory inspiring, I would be happy to call myself an anthropologist in the future. I also look for ways to do (visual) ethnography and to incorporate art into research. Apart from my own projects, which currently in different ways connect to childhoods, I write with others, for example in the CAPs project, University of Lapland, where I was a visiting doctoral student in 2018.